Horsham Amphibians Triathlon

HAT Race Calendar (updated)

Please find below links for both the 2017 Membership Form (via MemberMojo) and updated Race Calendar:

Link to Membership Form

Download HAT Race Calendar – 2017 (no discount codes listed)

Members can also find the updated race calendar (with discount codes) if they login and view either the ‘Grand Prix Series’ or ‘Our Club’ pages

Joined Horsham Amphibians in 2009. I'm a novice triathlete that completed my first full Ironman event in July 2012 - IM Austria. Now responsible for the overall communication to Club members. My first blog (Journey to Ironman Austria) followed my journey to become an ironman finisher - the training, the time commitment, the support and coaching, the events in between - all the 'highs and lows!'. The subsequent blog (Tri Hard Training) continues with my training and love for the sport.