Lake swimming – get ready!

The weather is improving and the triathlon season is underway – time to think about that first open water swim of 2016.

Relay swim start

The club benefits from use of the lake at Southwater Country Park and fully paid-up members have access on Monday, Friday and Sunday each week from 5:30pm.

We expect a few brave souls will test out the temperature on the first Bank Holiday of May so not long to wait now.

Before you take the plunge please can you take the trouble to read the Triathletes Training Code of Conduct – key points:

  • At least one person (a ‘spotter’) must be present at all times during training on the pontoon for safety reasons. The spotter must have a mobile phone with them for emergency
  • There must be a minimum of two triathletes swimming at one time. Under no circumstances will lone training be allowed.
  • Triathletes must wear wet suits at all times while training unless the water temperature is 23 degrees or above
  • Triathletes must wear a high visibility swimming cap at all times while training. These will be provided by the Club – please see Miles for your HAT swimming cap

Please ensure you abide by the Training Code of Conduct and indeed any regulations relating to the general use of the Country Park. We are very fortunate to have access to such a fantastic open water facility on our doorstep and do not wish to lose the right for not keeping to the stated rules, for any reason, whatsoever.

So time to find that wetsuit (good time to plug Alan Law and his link up with Z3ROD and/or the HAT’s discount with ROKA Sports). Enjoy!

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Joined Horsham Amphibians in 2009. I'm a novice triathlete that completed my first full Ironman event in July 2012 - IM Austria. Now responsible for the overall communication to Club members. My first blog (Journey to Ironman Austria) followed my journey to become an ironman finisher - the training, the time commitment, the support and coaching, the events in between - all the 'highs and lows!'. The subsequent blog (Tri Hard Training) continues with my training and love for the sport.

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