Horsham Amphibians Triathlon

New BTF honours for 2 HAT members

The HAT Coaching team has been strengthened with news of BTF honours for 2 Club members.

Chris Neilson has received the BTF Level 2 Coaching Qualification

Chris Neilson






David Pegler has received the BTF Level 1 Coaching Qualification

David Pegler






The Club encourages active involvement in the BTF and their excellent coaching program.


Joined Horsham Amphibians in 2009. I'm a novice triathlete that completed my first full Ironman event in July 2012 - IM Austria. Now responsible for the overall communication to Club members. My first blog (Journey to Ironman Austria) followed my journey to become an ironman finisher - the training, the time commitment, the support and coaching, the events in between - all the 'highs and lows!'. The subsequent blog (Tri Hard Training) continues with my training and love for the sport.